Engaging with our Community and
Protecting our Environment

RollBo takes the commitment to corporate social responsibility seriously and considers it an important part of our company’s philosophy. We understand that, as a logistics provider, our business places pressure on our environment. We consider environmental protection and sustainable business practices to be of utmost importance. At RollBo we make sure our vehicles are modern and fuel efficient. We train our staff to observe best practices in environmentally friendly operation of equipment and vehicles. We aim to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the pressure our business places on the environment.

Our company also recognizes the importance of supporting our local community. Over the last several years we have been involved with a number of charities for Children and young people, including as the Friedberg Children’s Home, the Inselkinder Day Care Centre for Children, and the Children‘s Hospice Sternenbrücke.

As a business that operates internationally, our involvement with charities extends beyond Europe. We also support the Marie Schlei Foundation which supports the fight against poverty by women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.