Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is the largest and most broad industry in terms of the range of products and the volume of their production. We know the logistics problems common to consumer goods manufactures, but we also understand that each business and product has its own unique transport requirements.

RollBo understands that your transport needs begin not with outbound distribution of your product, but with the inbound supply of raw materials and components. As a producer of consumer goods, your business sits at the center of a logistics system: raw materials can arrive from a single supplier or a range of suppliers located around the world. Multiple suppliers mean multiple carriers and we know that can mean multiple problems. When your product is ready to go out it might move to a single distributor or to many. It might go directly to a retail outlet or it might pass to another producer for another step in the production line.

In the complex world of consumer goods logistics RollBo’s team understands how transport bottlenecks, delays and unforeseen disruptions can have serious impacts on your ability to do business and maximize your profitability.

If you feel that your current supply chain system could do with a fresh perspective, contact us and let our expert consultants show you how we can improve efficiency, reliability and costs.

RollBo’s service offerings for the retail goods sectors:

Road Freight
RollBo offers flexible and competitive Road Freight services across Western and Eastern Europe.

Container Logistics
We offer the full range of classic intermodal container services for Road Freight, including container sales.

We offer large indoor and outdoor storage areas with two 40t cranes in the Port of Hamburg including packing and consolidation facilities.

Eastern Europe & CIS
RollBo’s dedicated Eastern Europe & CIS transport team has the expertise and experience to ensure you have reliable and efficent access to all European markets.

Additional Services
RollBo can offer a range of additional services to complement our transport service portfolio, including cleaning and rustproofing and maintenance of equipment.