The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. This growth, combined with rapid improvements in medical technology is placing ever-increasing demands on the makers and suppliers of medical equipment, disposables and related products. For many years, RollBo has been helping manufacturers of healthcare products meet the demands of hospitals and the broader healthcare industry get their life supporting products to where they are needed. We have achieved this by understanding how the industry operates and in turn developing logistics solutions that help our customers focus less on transporting their products and more on what they do best.

We understand how critical the speed and reliability of the supply chain is to your business and your end users, so whether you need to move an MRI machine or a consignment of stents, RollBo can help you streamline your transport workflow and reduce your transport and distribution workload.

Our team can provide off the shelf or custom solutions for:

  • Inventory management
  • Road freight
  • Distribution and returns
  • Packing and repacking solutions
  • Consolidation

If you want to increase your business’ efficiency and reduce costs, contact us and let us show you how we can help.

RollBo’s service offerings for the Healthcare industry:

Road Freight
RollBo offers flexible and competitive Road Freight services across Western and Eastern Europe.

Container Logistics
We offer the full range of classic intermodal container services for Road Freight, including container sales.

We offer large indoor and outdoor storage areas with two 40t cranes in the Port of Hamburg including packing and consolidation facilities.

Eastern Europe & CIS
RollBo’s dedicated Eastern Europe & CIS transport team has the expertise and experience to ensure you have reliable and efficent access to all European markets.

Additional Services
RollBo can offer a range of additional services to complement our transport service portfolio, including cleaning and rustproofing and maintenance of equipment.