Heavy Industry

Manufactures and other businesses involved in heavy industry have and continue to be a significant part of RollBo’s business. We have strong relationships and proven track records with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of power generators, ship engines and components, large trucks and mining equipment, to name a few.

The depth of our relationships within heavy industrial sectors has given us significant insight into how these industries operate. By understanding what your customers expect from your business we are able to anticipate your needs and design and perfect better logistic solutions to suit your individual requirements. We understand the demands placed on you by your customers and how important reliability and cost in transport is to keeping your business ahead of its competitors.

Why have some of the world’s biggest names in heavy industry continued to choose RollBo after 20 years? Because they know they can trust us to do our job reliably, efficiently and affordably. And we know we can make your business life easier so you can focus on doing what you do best.

If you want an easier time of building the things that make everything else work, contact us and let us worry about your transport problems for you.

RollBo’s service offerings for heavy industry sectors:

Road Freight
RollBo offers flexible and competitive Road Freight services across Western and Eastern Europe.

Container Logistics
We offer the full range of classic intermodal container services for Road Freight, including container sales.

We offer large indoor and outdoor storage areas with two 40t cranes in the Port of Hamburg including packing and consolidation facilities.

Heavy Lift
Two decades of heavy lift experience and a qualified and talented heavy lift team means your cargo will be handled safely and gets where it needs to be on time, every time.

Eastern Europe & CIS
RollBo’s dedicated Eastern Europe & CIS transport team has the expertise and experience to ensure you have reliable and efficent access to all European markets.

Additional Services
RollBo can offer a range of additional services to complement our transport service portfolio, including cleaning and rustproofing and maintenance of equipment.