RollBo’s range of transport, warehousing and consulting services help some of the biggest names in the retail and consumer goods sectors get their products on shelves and into the hands of their customers on time and at the right price.

We understand that the sales and logistics priorities of some of our retail sector customers are not always straightforward. For example, the consumer demand for certain staple products can be more predictable, while other more unique lines are produced with shorter lead times, in smaller quantities and move off the shelves and hangers with greater speed. These differences equal different logistic pressures on our customers.

RollBo is not just about traditional transport services. Through a deeper insight and understanding of the retail sector we can tailor and manage complete supply chain solutions, freeing your staff from the hassle of coordinating product transport and distribution.

We’re experienced in taking care of your industry and providing the most reliable and cost effective solutions for the unique challenges those in your industry face, from the growing and shifting demands of consumers to the increasingly competitive nature of the retail market.

Let us become a seamless extension of your business and help keep you focused on doing what you do best.

Contact us to discuss our off the shelf or made to measure solutions for:

  • Inventory management
  • Logistics consulting
  • Road freight
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution and returns
  • Packing and repacking solutions
  • Consolidation


RollBo’s service offerings for the retail industry:

Road Freight
RollBo offers flexible and competitive Road Freight services across Western and Eastern Europe.

Container Logistics
We offer the full range of classic intermodal container services for Road Freight, including container sales.

We offer large indoor and outdoor storage areas with two 40t cranes in the Port of Hamburg including packing and consolidation facilities.

Eastern Europe & CIS
RollBo’s dedicated Eastern Europe & CIS transport team has the expertise and experience to ensure you have reliable and efficent access to all European markets.

Additional Services
RollBo can offer a range of additional services to complement our transport service portfolio, including cleaning and rustproofing and maintenance of equipment.

Intermodal Products & Services
We offer the full range of classic intermodal container services for sea and inland waterway transport, as well as container sales.