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Limitation of liability

With the exception of claims for damages because of the lack of guaranteed features and those arising under the Produkthaftungsgesetz (Product Liability Act), all claims for damages (e. g. arising from being at fault with regard to contract negotiations, positive breach of contract, unauthorized activity) against us are excluded unless they are based on the deliberate intent or gross negligence of our legal representatives or senior staff concerning the relationship with business people, or in addition on the deliberate intent or gross negligence of our operational or executive agents. In the event of delay or impossibility we are also liable to non-business people for negligence, but only to the extent of the additional expense for a covering purchase or provision of a replacement. For breach of major contractual obligations (“principal obligations”) we are also liable for simple negligence by our legal representatives and senior staff, but this is limited to typical and foreseeable losses/damage. In so far as RollBo Transport GmbH is jointly liable with other parties as a debtor, it is always liable only as a subsidiary of the lowest rank. For loss of data RollBo Transport GmbH is only liable in so far as they were secured in machine-readable form at intervals suitable for the application and in any event at least once a day. The above-mentioned limitations of liability also apply to the benefit of our legal representatives, senior staff and operational and executive agents.

All our business is exclusively transacted subject to the most recent edition of the Vertragsbedingungen für den Güterkraftverkehrs- und Logistikunternehmer (VBGL).

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