Additional Services

Shipping cargo is not as simple as loading your product into a container. A one-stop shop for logistics can provide a range of additional services that reduce your business’ transport workload and simplify the connection between you and your customers.

Our experienced team can provide a range of complementary services that can reduce the workload that your staff has when arranging the transportation of your products and cargo. For example, our import/export experts can manage all customs clearances and import and export licensing in both the origin and destination countries. Our experienced warehouse team can safely pack and repack your products in their original packaging or they can clean and rust proof industrial equipment or vehicles.

If your business could benefit from a more simplified workflow, or an extra service not listed here, just ask us what options we can tailor to make getting your products to market that bit easier.

Just some of the quality additional services we offer:

  • Handling all customs clearance requirements
  • Preparation of all import and export documentation and licensing
  • Arranging transport insurance
  • Packing, unpacking and repacking
  • Box and crate manufacturing
  • Secure indoor or outdoor storage
  • Cleaning and rust-proofing